Planning a last minute wedding? 8 Top Tips

    We think last minute weddings are so romantic and although it is common practice to book a wedding a year or so in advance, some couples cannot bear the prospect of months and months of planning and simply cannot wait to tie the knot.

    Whatever your reason for planning a last minute wedding, get ready to enjoy the whirlwind.


    Even last minute weddings need a budget. You need to know how much you are willing to spend and can realistically afford. Prioritise what YOU want and what is important to you and your partner. Sit down with your partner and family and set an overall budget for the wedding.


    After you have worked out your budget, it’s time to book the venue and your registrar or church. Flexibility is the key here, as the more flexible you can be the better the chances are of finding the perfect venue & date. Summer weekend dates are usually booked relatively far in advance so perhaps a Friday, Sunday or Midweek wedding could work instead. Even though it is a last minute wedding it does not mean that you need to pay extra for suppliers, in fact providing you are flexible you may be able to negotiate a discount if a venue is looking to fill slow times.


    Making a guest list can get messy, After you’ve arrived at an agreeable place with your partner, it’s important to bring your parents into the conversation. Though they mean well, many families will feel a sense of ownership over the guest list especially if one or both sets of parents are involved in the planning or contributing financially. Even if you’re paying for the wedding yourselves, it’s a good idea to get the families together and talk about the guest list so there are no surprises.

    The smaller the guest list the more your budget will stretch. Make sure you communicate whether or not plus ones and children are allowed. Don’t feel obligated to invite children if you would like it to be an adult only wedding. Bear in mind that if it is a mid-week wedding then you may find not all of your guests can make it.


    You probably won’t need to send save the date cards, but you should be able to find a supplier to create last-minute wedding stationery for you. Or, consider a DIY approach and pop down to Hobbycraft for supplies.

    Why not Embrace technology and send invites via social media?


    Finding a wedding dress at a short notice can be an overwhelming thought. The less time you have to find a dress, the more flexible you’ll need to be. Talk to your local bridal shops and let them know your deadline. Off the peg dresses are perfectly acceptable and could be altered before the wedding. Grooms wear can be hired from specialists with less of a timescale issue. There are also loads of high street options. Remember that your partner is marrying you for you, not for what you’re wearing.


    Suppliers get booked up quite far in advance. To save yourself some time and effort, look for a venue that offers catering as well, leaving you one less thing to book and organise! If you’re having a more relaxed wedding day, then why not opt for a buffet style meal, a bbq or a picnic? Informal dining is really popular now, and the options have become a lot more sophisticated, less courses means less cost.

    Most venues will also have a list of suppliers that they recommend, so ask your venue if they have any advice for you.


    DIY weddings are a great way to cut costs and add personality to your special day with décor that comes from the heart. Pinterest is a good place to start looking with lots of ideas from table decorations to wedding cakes.


    You don’t have to have the honeymoon straightaway. If you have your heart set on a tropical getaway, enjoy your wedding, save a little and get a better deal at a different time of year. Why not choose a Mini-Moon after the wedding and postpone your full-blown honeymoon until a few months later, that way you will give yourselves the opportunity to save up again creating a budget for a trip of a lifetime. Mini-Moons are quite popular these days and a city break can be just as romantic.

    Tatton Weddings would be delighted to help you plan your last minute wedding. Why not contact us today for our available dates and offers on 01565 748963 or drop us an email

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